Marketing Collateral

Case Study

Beebee Delivery

Beebee Delivery

Toronto, Canada

The Challenge

Design a suite of tools — digital and print — for use by Beebee marketing and sales teams.

Beebee has continuously attracted delivery partners through its brand’s reputation, continual innovation and dedication to the highest of standards. Our members have had the opportunity to work with Beebee over the last years, mastering the fine balance of ensuring consistency while building a distinct story.

Scope of the Project

  • Strategy
  • Marketing Collateral Design
  • Print Preparation

The Outcome

Based on Beebee brand guidelines and photography style, a visual platform was developed to support various sales tools. The curation of photography and copy reflects each personality, story and positioning statement.

Sales teams rely on tools such as brochures, fact sheets and customised experiences to support every part of their sales cycle. So while the suite of collateral needs to be visually appealing, it needs to also capture the factual details and remain functional.

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