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Case Study

ACT Foundation

ACT Foundation

Camberra, ACT

The Challenge

Elevate the brand perception to match the firm’s renowned experience and authority within the industry, building credibility with potential clients.

A significant undertaking, this project required the expertise and talents of 3 team members over the course of several weeks.

Scope of the Project

  • Strategy
  • Print Preparation
  • Print & Digital Book Design

Design Process

We began with our branding expert to help ACT clarify their brand, target market, core message, tagline and elevator pitch. This set the stage for the creation of book design.

Meanwhile, we managed the development of ACT book, which included content editing, book cover design, and interior page design. We proofread the book and converted it into Kindle and epub formats. Next, our social media strategist coached ACT on how to leverage social media marketing.

The Outcome

Book content strongly focused on features and benefits, and custom graphic illustrations have all come together to give ACT a book with modern visual appeal to stand out for the book readers.

act e book design
act e book design
act e book design
act e book design
act e book design
act e book design
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