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Torquay Harbour

Torquay Harbour

Torquay, UK

The Challenge

Annual reports communicate important and relevant information for businesses and nonprofits, but important insights and takeaways can be lost when the information isn’t delivered in an easily digestible and engaging format. That’s why presentation is key. Beautiful annual report design tells a more engaging story by using compelling copy, impactful data visualizations, and attention-grabbing imagery to bring facts and figures to life. This approach makes it easier for your viewer to process key information and, most importantly, understand its meaning and value.

Our key goal was to match the look & feel of the brand – all while delivering the information in a clear and concise way, drawing attention to the key numbers. Given the amount of information, each page had to be approached separately – ensuring the presentation remained consistently engaging for the readers.

Scope of the Project

  • Strategy
  • Print Preparation
  • Print & Digital Annual Report Design

The Outcome

Through our proven strategy and production process, we worked alongside the team to identify the core story, appropriate format, and visual treatment to bring the annual report to life. By applying our unique storytelling skills and design expertise, we crafted this interesting and engaging annual report that reflected the brand identity, communicated the mission, and made it easier for viewers to connect with the organisation.

annual report
annual report
annual report
annual report
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