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Attract Coaching

Attract Coaching

Adelaide, SA

The Challenge

Attract Coaching approached our managing director at Qualiart Agency with a goal to refresh the brand positioning & strategy for thair social channels along with building a stronger brand. Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn were completely non-performing and generated little to no considerable revenue.

Scope of the Project

  • Social Media Cover Design
  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Ads


After in-depth research and data crunching of Attract’s social media analytics, website analytics and past client profiles, our team of experts identified certain segments of audiences with similar attributes that were more receptive. We decided to strategically position them among English-speaking audiences in Australia and New Zeland in a bid to give his brand a relatable and authentic feel.

We adopted these execution strategies to achieve Attract’s goals by making changes that would create maximum impact:

  • A predictive approach to analyze weakness.
  • Thumbnails strategy to increase the CTR.
  • High-performance video edits to increase retention.
  • Processes for data & lead tracking across all platforms to plug leaks.
  • Repositioned the brand with a new identity that was synonymous with their story and relatable for the audience.

The Outcome

A few months into handling the account, our strategies created a major impact on Attract’s brand and successfully positioned them as the go-to coaching business in Adelaide, Australia. The relatability factor of his immigrant story inspired millions which ultimately impacted his business’ bottom line. Today, Attract Coaching is the #1 coaching business in Adelaide.

Attract Coaching Social Media
Attract Coaching Social Media
Attract Coaching Social Media
Attract Coaching Social Media
Attract Coaching Social Media
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