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Bazaar Style Studio

Bazaar Style Studio

Melbourne, VIC

The Challenge

Despite posting regularly, Bazaar’ social media presence had hit stagnancy with limited reach and engagement. They had tremendous experience in the field of content creation and video reel/story storytelling, but it did little to boost his personal brand or reach a wider audience.

They tried multiple content formats and platforms, but their follower and conversions count were stuck.

Scope of the Project

  • Social Media Cover Design
  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Ads
  • Social Media Template


Bazaar needed a fresh content strategy to attract an audience based on their experience and results. We researched and analysed successful influencers who posted similar content and the behavioural patterns of their audience. We noticed that posts and short-form content such as Instagram reels, TikTok and Youtube shorts resonated with this target audience.

Content pillars were created around social media graphics (designs), video tips, and promo-postss. Subsequently, attention-grabbing promo-posts and videos around these content pillars were published to get the results Bazaar aimed for.

We adopted the following strategies to achieve Bazaar’ goals:

  • Focused research on the target audience and what they enjoyed.
  • A/B tests were done on the posts and videos and their hooks.
  • High-performance post designs and video edits were done to improve retention.
  • Content ideas were shortlisted based on the pre-decided content pillars.
  • Storytelling and recency were incorporated into all content.

The Outcome

The follower and conversion count grew rapidly, with their posts and videos receiving a whopping impressions and shares.

Bazaar Style Studio Social Media
Bazaar Style Studio Social Media
Bazaar Style Studio Social Media
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