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Beebee Delivery App

Beebee Delivery App

Dublin. Ireland

The Challenge

As a start-up with an new local brand, Beebee decided that they needed to place a greater emphasis on revitalising their social media feeds, amplifying key actions / output and engaging with the active conversation happening in their sector to increase brand awareness.

The key measures of success for empower on this project were:
Grow Beebee social media community on Instagramm Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Develop and advise on the Beebee social media marketing strategy
Implement the social media marketing strategy across key platforms
Ensure the Beebee comms team gain knowledge and confidence in running social media.

Scope of the Project

  • Social Media Cover Design
  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Ads
  • Social Media Template


Qualiart’s social media specialists took a two-pronged approach to this work. Having worked with similar organisations to create successful social media marketing strategies, we applied our expert knowledge of the sector and used this to conduct a detailed social media audit.

The social media audit included reviewing the key channels, tone of voice, visual identity, success of content and brand messaging and created recommendations for Beebee to adapt the current strategy.

Following the audit, empower helped Beebee to:

  • Incorporate the brand’s key messaging into the tone of voice across platforms, and optimised branded profile and bios across all channels.
  • Optimise integration and automation where possible, making things easier to manage
  • Improve how current channels are used to make them more interactive and engaging with the aim to build a strong, influential community
  • Began regularly sharing knowledge and creating monthly progress reports of what was proving successful – and why
  • Communicate with Beebee around events, key messaging and current affairs to create and manage social media content on a weekly basis.

The Outcome

  • Beebee’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter followers grew 20% in followers in 6 months
  • Beebee’s profiles saw a 73% increase in engagement
  • Beebee LinkedIn page saw a 270% increase in clicks
  • The amount of unique visitors to the Beebee LinkedIn page increased by 25%
  • The comms team increased their knowledge of best practices in using social media platforms.
Beebee Delivery App Social Media
Beebee Delivery App Social Media
Beebee Delivery App Social Media
Beebee Delivery App Social Media
Beebee Delivery App Social Media
Beebee Delivery App Social Media
Beebee Delivery App Social Media
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