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Create a unified logo and identity for your business

What does your brand say about your business?

Your brand resides in your customer’s mind as a result of all the impressions made by encounters with your name, your logo, your marketing messages, and everything else that people see and hear about your business.

Build trust and loyalty with your target audience

We create powerful brands through partnerships with our clients

Your brand resides in your customer’s mind as a result of all the impressions made by encounters with your name, your logo, and your marketing messages







Mission & Goals



We transform your business idea into a Powerful Brand

How your business is branded and perceived is critical. In today’s crowded marketplace, consumers make first contact (or not) based on appearance. First impressions are everything.

A brand represents people’s perception of a company’s visual identity, customer service, reputation and advertising. It is more than a logo, an icon, a website or a social media page. It is the culmination of all of these elements that build your brand. Your brand is your silent ambassador for standing out from the crowd.

Stand out from the competition with eye-catching branding

Stunning Design

Build a unique identity for your business

Increased Awareness

Capture attention online with creative branding

Boost Brand Recall

Make a lasting impression with a beautiful logo

Improve Loyalty

Increase trust and connection with existing customers

Unique branding and logo design.
Every brand has a story. We’ll help find yours.

Unique branding
and logo design.
Every brand has a story. We’ll help find yours.

Branding can play a huge role in your success. After all, your brand is the first thing people think about when they hear your business’ name — and it’s also the last thing they remember. A powerful brand builds awareness, recognition, and loyalty.

At Qualiart Agency, we create a unique identity that makes an impact with your target audience. From your logo to your colour palette, visuals and tone of voice, our talented team harnesses their creative prowess to create a brand that sticks with your customers.

Is it time your brand identity caught up with your business?

Our brand strategy, visual identity and brand marketing applications are grounded in research to clarify your communications and get your message in front of the people who matter to you.

We work with clients to conceptualise new brands and modernise existing brands as companies evolve. Combining our skills in strategy, marketing communications, and graphic design, we use a brand development process to articulate your brand personality, essence, language, key messages and competitive marketing advantage.

Our Process

Understanding your brand

What’s your story? What are your brand values? Who is your target audience (buyer persona)? What type of content will resonate with them? This stage is all about answering these questions. We work with you to truly understand your brand, your audience, your industry, and your competitors. These insights form the backbone of our creative design services.

We promise to listen and learn everything from you about what and why your brand exists. Whom we are serving and where you are going. We want to hear your account of your origin story, how it’s unique, and what purpose we are serving with regards to your customer’s pain points.

Creative strategy

Here we develop a clear strategic plan on how to reach your goals. It’s in this stage we clarify what we want people to say about your business, and how we plan to achieve it.

We translate your story into a stunning, cohesive strategy that guides design, content, and copywriting.

Our team combines their wealth of creativity and experience at this stage, working to create a compelling brand identity that resonates with audiences and communicates what you’re all about. Every creative solution is guided by an overarching business strategy.

Design and creation

This is where the creative minds come in to develop a timeless custom brand theme that aligns back to the strategy. Every aspect of your look and feel will have a reason for being there. We present our concept to your team and with your input we collaborate to arrive at the final creative direction for the road ahead.

Our team of creatives expand on their left-of-field thinking to craft designs and content that aligns with your business objectives, target market, trends, and more. Plus, every approval stage allows you the opportunity to request changes — so we can nail down exactly what you’re after.

Review and optimisation

Can your creative solutions be optimised? 100%. We test your branding and logo design to learn what stands out with your audience.

Make your audience feel a connection, develop lasting impressions, and turn potential customers into repeat customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Branding is how you build and share your business’ personality with your customers and the world. It tells everyone what your company does, how it does it, and what it believes in. In doing so, it helps to set you apart from your competition, and ensures that your brand is memorable.

Specifically, branding is how your business looks, sounds, and feels. You communicate your branding primarily through your marketing materials, such as your logo, website design, business cards, flyers, emails, and digital ads.

This is all achieved through the careful planning and selection of certain brand colours, fonts, design elements, and more. If you’re unsure where to start, our creative branding agency can design and plan your branding for you.

Branding matters for every business because it serves one absolutely vital function: It makes you stand out in a crowd — or specifically, a crowded market.

Even if you are the very first company of your kind, it likely won’t be long before copycat businesses pop up and create competition. To make sure you make a name for yourself and help customers remember that name when there are countless businesses offering similar products and services, you will need quality and memorable branding.

Here are the benefits of compelling corporate branding:

  • You’re more recognisable
  • Customers trust you more
  • You seem more legit
  • You attract more customers
  • Buyers are more persuaded to buy
  • You’ve got an edge on your competition
  • Your employees feel proud to be part of the team
  • You attract good talent

A logo is a fantastic start, but it’s not a brand on its own. Think of a brand as a full personality, and a logo is just a sense of humour. It would be like superman having zero notable powers, character traits or qualities aside from the ‘S’ on his chest — it’s important, but not the whole package.

Your brand is a fusion of many aspects, including your logo, font selection, colour palette, design elements, tag line, symbols, and other pieces that help your business stand out from the crowd.

If what you have right now is a logo, our  creative branding agency can take that and expand it into all the components you need for a brand that’s full of personality and completely memorable.

Are you just looking for a quick logo refresh, or do you need a full suite of creative design branding work? Or something in between?

We are completely transparent, and will always work with your budget. If you have a big list of branding requirements but a small budget, we can make a plan to spread out the work and payments over time, or we can help you prioritise the most necessary elements to ensure you have the basics until you can ramp up further.

Most of businesses end up investing between $1200 and $5,000+, but don’t be afraid to get in touch so we can give you a better estimate of the work specific to your needs.

Branding projects can vary greatly in terms of the time they take, and it’s all down to the scope of the project and how responsive you are.

A simple logo update or other basic project may only take our creative branding agency a few weeks to a month to complete the steps of initial discovery of your brand, planning, design, delivery, and feedback.

Meanwhile an entire branding project complete with a full suite of promotional materials could take a few months.

We strive to make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible, but we will ask for your feedback and input at certain stages. The sooner we hear back from you, the sooner we can implement those changes and get the project over the finish line.

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