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Get more Sales & Leads.
Capture and convert consumer intent through an audience-driven Google Ads campaign.

Pay-Per-Click advertising using Google Ads delivers ads to customers searching for exactly what your business offers

Google Ads PPC is a critical advertising investment for most small-to-medium businesses we work with. If you are not competing when your customers are searching for what you do online, you’re placing your business at a disadvantage.

How we get you profit through Google Ads?


Find your most valuable searches fast

We use compelling ad copy to pique the interest of our targeted audiences to effectively bring them to your site and get them interested in your offering.


Refine campaigns for these searches

Once we are getting the most valuable traffic we further segment the campaigns, add negative search terms and increase and decrease bids to ensure we are paying the right amount for the right kind of traffic.


Continuously optimise for most valuable

With any campaign, we know there is always room for further optimisation. We will always be testing new keyword groups, advertisement copy, segmentations & more to continue to drive more return on investment for your business.

Conversions are more important than rankings

While it’s fantastic to see your company ranking highly on Google, it’s not what matters most. Google rankings don’t grow your business. Paying customers do.

Depending on how competitive your industry is, Google Ads PPC advertising can be expensive – but it is HIGHLY effective.
Particularly if you want leads quickly.


Adwords Set-up

We will set up Adwords account for you and link it with your website either by linking it to Google Analytics or through Google Search Console.


Campaign Planning

We will do research to find high search volume keywords that people are searching to find businesses like yours and create campaigns to target them through ads.


Appealing Ads

We will create various appealing ads to influence viewers to visit the website. Once they are here, we can use different techniques and methods to generate leads.


Bid Management

We will set up either maximum bidding price to be paid for each keyword per click or to keep it open for best performance depending on various factors.


Campaign Enhancement

After running the add for few days, we will analyse which ad placement and keyword groups are generating most leads and will optimise the campaign accordingly.


Monthly Reporting

Monthly reporting, analysis & remarks. We will provide you with clear ROI figures instead of vague figures.

What makes a Google Ads campaign successful?

Running an effective Google Ads campaign requires an in-depth understanding of what’s involved. If you have no experience using Google Ads, we would not recommend you run a campaign yourself. You will waste money. Running successful Google Ads campaigns takes time and attention to detail. There’s the initial set-up, ongoing data interpretation and ongoing creation of new campaigns for split-testing.

Advertising Experts

Google Ads PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Search Advertising is by far the leader in Australia with over 90% market share. We use advanced algorithmic bidding technologies to ensure we don’t run out of budget early in the day, and we get the lowest CPC for the highest average positions possible.

Google Ads Packages

Google ads are one of the best ways to bring traffic to your site and generate conversions. At Qualiart Marketing Agency, we’re focused on real results so if you’re looking for a digital service to put your business’ best foot forward with Google Ads, we can tailor a solution for you.

Tailor-Made Solutions for Your Needs and Budget

Below packages are examples of what can be achieved, but all packages are customised to your needs.




per month




per month




per month

Custom Google Ads Package

Need a package which is greater than those outlined? Just looking for something bespoke? We offer custom packages in line with your unique needs.

Our Process

Step 1

  • We study your product or service.
  • We study your industry.
  • We analyse your competitors.

Step 2

  • We create different Ad Sets with great Ad Copy and Design.
  • We analyse which of these Ads perform the best, then continue to run with 1 or 2 of the best. We will also create variations of the best Ads to see which of these perform the best. By doing this we are constantly refining the Ad sets, and reducing the Per Click cost.
  • We can create great Landing Pages which specifically target each Ad Set.
  • We analyse each click to find out which clicks were wasted. We will then see if any new keywords need to be added to our negative keyword list. This ensures that we are minimising the wasted clicks and wasted money. We do this step constantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Otherwise known as ‘Search Engine Marketing’, Pay Per Click (PPC) is considered the most efficient form of online marketing. You will only get charged if someone clicks on your ad.

Almost half of all search clicks are awarded to the websites appearing on top of the search engine results page (SERP). So for PPC to become effective for your digital campaign, you need to rank high on Google’s SERP.

Another important component of PPC advertising is making sure that your ads are clicked on by the right people – those who are more likely to ‘convert’ on your website and become leads or customers.

PPC lead generation advertising and Google Search ads are notoriously tricky to set up and optimise. We can help you plan, organise, track and optimise your entire campaign focusing on the cost and performance to maximise your ROI.

A pay per click advertising campaign can only said to be working if it’s providing a decent traffic flow back to your website, that in turn produces the desired conversion objective.

Optimising pay per click ad campaigns for success is a challenge many Australian companies struggle with. We highly recommend working with a digital marketing agency to get the results you want.

To make pay per click work, you need to setup your Google Ads account, develop a smart yet optimised ad design, target your audience based on location, use appropriate keywords and set bids for each. And these are all just for starters!

Launching your PPC ad campaigns is the ‘easy’ part. You then need to monitor the results regularly so you can adjust it according to your observations and data provided by Google Ads.

You will be able to direct pay Google using your credit card. If needed, you can request a copy of your Invoice through your dedicated account managers.

Our Google Ads  management services give you access to a dedicated account manager.

We include creative and conversion optimisation.

Our monthly reporting is fully articulated and customised to your goals.

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