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A creative agency is responsible for marketing and advertising. They are responsible for all of your creative assets including logos, marketing collateral, social media and your website as well as your digital marketing campaigns across all platforms. They are effectively a modern-day fusion of branding, communications and marketing.
To make marketing and advertising campaigns work you have to stand out in a sea of competition, more so than ever before. They work by fusing innovative graphic design with strong advertising messages to help you achieve that on platforms like social media, Google Ads and more.

The biggest benefit of working with a small agency like Qualiart Marketing Agency is that you get to work with us directly. Also, being a small business have the advantage of lower costs which can be passed to our clients.

An agency is a team, a collective of sharp minds with skills across the board that are going to be able to provide you with exceptional experience and talent. A freelance designer doesn’t always have the same capacity or portfolio, and sometimes aren’t able to offer as much in the way of resourcing.

We are always happy to take on rush jobs and are determined by the schedule and complexity of the job. A fee applies to the invoice of all rush jobs needed within 24 hours.

Our clients come in various sizes and flavours. Some clients prefer a very hands-on approach where the client is very actively involved in their digital marketing with frequent (sometimes weekly) communication and check-ins.. Others prefer a “just take care of it for me” hands-off approach. We are flexible to adjust our style to your business, personal and budget needs.
Generally speaking, if you require a high amount of collaboration and more frequent meetings, then the pricing of the services may be higher.

Our team of designers and digital experts is based in Brisbane (QLD, Australia). We service a number of clients in Queensland, as well as many other major Australian cities, and even international clients from America and Europe with multilingual projects.
Since the nature of our service is online, we are happy to service clients from anywhere in the world, so long as we speak your language!

Jobs are usually charged out by the project and its deliverables, not by the hour. These costs are calculated by the resources that will be required to complete the job and will vary depending on the skill and reputation of the creative and digital agency.
Pricing depends on what you need. We tailor our project to your budget. Per project work is estimated, scoped, and agreed upon at the outset.
Our work is costed on an hourly basis but we will attempt to accurately quote for final amounts where ever possible in the most cost effective way for you. We consider our pricing as very reasonable as we work efficiently and produce high quality work. We make our prices as affordable as possible, but never compromise on quality.
We are transparent with costs and won’t be any hidden surprises or unknown extra costs. Because we are a small agency with low business costs, we have been able to offer low-cost projects.

We want you to be happy with the final result. We pride ourselves on providing excellent creative and marketing projects, solving problems, and doing everything we can to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with our work and wish to cancel your contract, you must pay in full for all time spent to date.

You can easily make payments via Afterpay, Paypal, or bank transfer.

For projects under $500, a 50% booking fee is required upon approval of quote. The remainder fee is due upon completion of the work.
For projects over $500 payment plans are available and worked around what suits you.
If you decide to stay on as a long-term client, we offer a special agreement.

Yes, once you have paid in full for your design, the ownership of the design belongs to you.

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