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ACT Paint & Dec

ACT Paint & Dec

Brisbane and Canberra

The Challenge

Joao, Director at ACT, came to us with the challenge of designing playful branding that’s intriguing, but also stands the test of time. In addition, he wanted a website that is user friendly, fun to use, and memorable.

Scope of the Project

  • Web Design & Development

Our Approach

We met during one of our business trips there just when they were in pursuit of a change in their corporate image and identity and in its website, which is their virtual portfolio.

We were inspired to create a playful user experience that sparks curiosity and keeps customers scrolling. Details like photography and a spectrum of colours introduce the brand’s personality, while also creating organisation and an easy-to-browse space.

The Outcome

We worked on a new style for the logo. Then our work consisted, in the first place, in itemising functionalities which our client requested.  Then, in designing a navigation flow diagram to understand how the web site user’s flow would be.

We later tested the usability of the UI design so that the final product would display the desired qualities.

For the implementation we decided to make a customised Word Press, entirely developed by Qualiart. The site is totally self-administrated when it comes to its sessions, Blog posts and projects.

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