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Case Study

Assentia Chocolatier

Assentia Chocolatier

Melbourne, VIC

The Challenge

Assentia Chocolatier is passionate about creating simply delicious chocolates made to the highest quality, in Melbourne. They are committed to providing luxury chocolates to suit all occasions.

They connect with their customers by offering a one-of-a-kind retail experience, excelling with high-quality chocolate, bespoke designs and exceptional customer service. Assentia offers a wide range of speciality chocolates, and there are endless options for customisations. However, their website fell short in reflecting their strong brand. They needed our help designing and developing an ecommerce website that’s easy for end-users to navigate and that highlights the premium services they offer.

Truthfully, Assentia already had a ton of great content. Our main task was to design a site that showcased the brand, boosted lead generation, and improved ecommerce through intuitive navigation and information architecture. We wanted to create something that was easy to understand, showcased the quality of their products, and effectively funneled people towards using their services.

Scope of the Project

  • Digital Banner Design
  • eCommerce Maintenance
  • eCommerce Design & Development

Design & Development Process

Here are some steps we took to give their website the necessary updates to better reflect who Assentia is as a company:

  • Cleaned up the design and presentation of information so that the look and feel was clean and organised.
  • Used custom professional photography, videos, and customer testimonials so their brand made a personal connection with potential customers.
  • Stated the problems and pain points their potential customers may be experiencing near the top of the page so they could quickly see how Assentia can help.
  • Emphasised responsive design elements so their website looks equally great on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

The Outcome

Assentia Chocolatier had all the components of a winning brand, they just needed our help presenting their impressive content in a user-friendly way. With a fresh design, it’s now easier for customers to interact with Assentia’s content and engage with their services. When designing a website, it’s important to put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

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