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Boost Sales & Leads - unlock your business’s potential with strategic Pay-Per-Click Ads on Social Media

How Social Media Fuels Your Small Business Growth

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Targeting the Right Audience

By utilising engaging ad copy and captivating visuals, we capture the attention of highly specific audience segments. This approach ensures that the traffic driven to your Website is not just high in quantity, but rich in quality and relevance to your business.

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Building Trust and Accessibility

We implement robust strategies designed to foster trust between you and your potential customers. By reducing barriers to engagement, we increase the likelihood that these prospects will interact with your products and services.

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Converting Leads into Sales

Using direct communication and compelling creatives, we guide warm leads back to your site for conversion. Our focus is not only to attract leads but to convert them effectively through strategic content placement and persuasive call-to-actions.

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Maximising Retargeting Efforts

Our work doesn't stop at initial success. We continuously analyse and retarget your Ads to engage customers who have shown interest but haven't yet converted. This relentless pursuit ensures sustained growth and maximises your Marketing spend.

Transform Your Business with Expert Social Media PPC Campaigns

In today's digital world, Social Media PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising stands out as a dynamic tool capable of transforming how small to medium-sized businesses reach and interact with their audiences. At Qualiart Marketing Agency in Brisbane, we specialise in crafting PPC Campaigns that are not just visible but compelling enough to convert clicks into customers.

Boost Your Traffic and Engagement Through Effective Meta Ads Management

In a crowded Social Media landscape, gaining visibility is a challenge — even for Brands that are already recognised and followed. To truly engage your audience and stand out, leveraging optimised Paid Social Media Advertising is key. At Qualiart Marketing Agency, we harness the power of detailed audience segmentation, customised visuals, clear and persuasive copy, alongside compelling call-to-actions. This approach ensures we not only reach a broader audience on Social Media platforms but also effectively convert these interactions into loyal customer relationships.

Enhance Your Business Presence with Captivating Social Media Campaigns

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Boost Awareness and Visibility

Position your Brand prominently within your customers’ Instagram feeds to capture attention immediately

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eCommerce integration

Seamlessly integrate product links to spur on-the-spot purchases directly from social platforms

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Community Engagement

Cultivate a dedicated following to strengthen your online community and enhance long-term marketing efforts.

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Visually Striking Campaigns

Captivate your audience with compelling images and videos that highlight the essence of your Brand.

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Precision Targeting

Hone in on specific demographics and interests to ensure your message reaches the ideal audience.

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Amplify Your Reach

Leverage the vast network of Social Media to extend your Brand’s visibility far and wide.

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Drive Higher Conversions

Transform Social Media interactions into traffic and sales by engaging relevant users more effectively.

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Budget-Friendly Solutions

Implement cost-effective Advertising Strategies that maximise return without breaking the bank.

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Cost-Effective Social Media Advertising for Small Businesses

Digital advertising can be remarkably efficient if executed correctly. It’s not only about attracting the right visitors to your Website but also engaging them effectively to foster loyalty and encourage repeat business. At Qualiart Marketing Agency, we specialise in creating Social Media Ad Campaigns that are meticulously targeted and fully optimised for both mobile and desktop platforms.

Our approach includes comprehensive reporting, allowing each Campaign to be assessed against clear KPIs, so you can directly observe the return on your investment. We employ a range of proven strategies tailored to your specific needs, considering crucial factors such as optimal timing, the perfect blend of imagery and text, creative design, compelling copywriting, and strategic landing page placement.

Maximise Your Reach with Strategic Social Media Advertising

Leverage the power of custom audiences and precise geographic targeting to ensure your Marketing budget is spent on engaging those who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. Social Media Platforms offer unparalleled tools that enable businesses like yours to define and reach your ideal target market effectively, ensuring every dollar spent enhances your online visibility and customer engagement.

In Australia, the ubiquity of Social Media is evident, with nearly every adult actively using platforms like Facebook and Instagram — daily usage rates stand at 50% for Facebook and 33% for Instagram. This widespread engagement opens vast opportunities for businesses to connect with potential clients. By strategically placing your content in users’ Social Media feeds, you can increase interactions and cultivate a deeper connection with your audience, driving both traffic and conversions through well-crafted ads and optimised Landing Pages. This strategic approach positions your business to capitalise on the growing time Australians spend on Social Media, turning everyday engagement into profitable customer interactions.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Tailored Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaigns for Optimal Engagement

At Qualiart, we meticulously craft engaging and visually appealing Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaigns that adhere strictly to Social Media Advertising policies. The journey begins by selecting the most appropriate advertising objectives to match your business goals.

Target audience

The cornerstone of achieving a high return on investment (ROI) through Social Media Ads lies in precisely defining your target audience. Our strategy involves detailed audience segmentation to ensure your Ads reach the right people. This segmentation can be customised extensively based on various criteria to best fit your campaign needs:

Adaptable Social Media Campaigns to Fit Any Budget

Social Media Advertising stands out due to its affordability and simplicity in execution. Whether you're looking to launch a single promotional post or embark on an extensive Ad Campaign, the flexibility of social media allows for significant adaptability to match your financial plans.

At Qualiart, we specialise in providing customised Social Media Advertising solutions that align perfectly with your business objectives and budget constraints. Our Team of Experienced professionals will collaborate closely with you to develop a strategy that not only meets your financial limits but also exceeds your Marketing expectations.


Social Media Marketing Packages

Customisable & Budget-Friendly

We tailor our pricing based on the specific functionalities you need, ensuring each project is uniquely crafted to align with your budget.

Designed Specifically for Your Requirements and Financial Plan

The Packages listed below are merely examples of what we can achieve; we customise every Package to meet your individual requirements.




per month

Approx. 7 work hours at $60 per hour




per month

Approx. 12 work hours at $55 per hour




per month

Approx. 21 work hours at $50 per hour

Flexible Add-on Services

Customise your Social Media Management Package

Landing Page Design and Optimisation

Additional Campaigns

Ad Spend Budget Increase

On-demand Ads Moderation

Crisis Management

Custom Social Media Package

Need a package which is greater than those outlined? Just looking for something bespoke? We offer custom packages in line with your unique needs.

Check Out Our Works

We pride ourselves on flexibility and ability to work with a wide range of clients.

Our Process

Discovery Stage

At Qualiart, we begin by diving deep into understanding your business. We take the time to learn about your products, services, and target audience. This phase includes researching your competitors and discussing your specific marketing objectives. By understanding your goals and the market landscape, we develop a bespoke Social Media Marketing Strategy designed to maximise your Brand’s exposure.

Advertising Strategy

Using the insights gained from the discovery stage, we craft an Advertising Strategy tailored to your business goals. We integrate the latest Social Media trends and best practices to ensure that your ad campaigns are both innovative and effective. Our goal is to create campaigns that not only meet but exceed your expectations, driving meaningful results.

Campaign and creative setup

Once you approve the strategy, our team moves into action. We set up your Campaigns with precise targeting and begin crafting compelling ad visuals and copy. Our creative team focuses on producing content that captures attention in busy Social Media feeds, ensuring your Brand stands out.

Test, evaluate, optimise

Our approach to Social Media Advertising is dynamic. We continually test new ad formats and strategies, closely monitoring how your audience engages with the content. By analysing performance data and user interactions, we optimise your Campaigns in real time. Regular reports are provided to keep you informed of your campaign’s performance and progress towards achieving your Marketing goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social Media Advertising involves paid promotions of Brands, products, and services on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others. This form of advertising utilises advanced targeting, diverse ad formats, and strategic content to engage your target audience effectively, increasing visibility and driving conversions.

A post is content shared organically on social media visible to followers and sometimes a broader audience depending on the platform’s algorithm. In contrast, an ad is a paid post designed to reach a targeted demographic beyond just your followers, ensuring your content reaches your ideal customer.

Social Media ads enhance your Brand’s visibility in a crowded digital space, making it essential in the decline of organic reach. These ads are not only cost-effective but also provide measurable results, allowing you to track the effectiveness of each ad in real time, adjust your strategies accordingly, and achieve a better return on investment.

Meta Ads are flexible with their budgets, allowing you to choose how much you spend based on reach and frequency. You can set a daily or lifetime budget, ensuring you never spend more than you’re comfortable with, and adjust as you see fit based on the ad’s performance.

Yes, having your own Meta Ad account is essential. We can manage your Ad Aampaigns through your Meta Business Manager, giving you control over permissions while we handle the setup and ongoing management of your campaigns.

Transparency is key in our management of your Social Media Campaigns. You’ll have access to your ad accounts and receive regular updates through catch-up calls and detailed monthly reports that outline your campaign’s performance, helping you understand the impact of your investment.

Results can vary based on many factors, including audience engagement and targeting precision. Typically, it can take 30 to 90 days to see significant results as the Social Media Platforms optimise the delivery of your ads to the most responsive audiences.

The cost of Social Media Advertising in Australia varies widely depending on several factors such as your campaign goals, target audience size, and the complexity of the campaigns. With options suitable for all budgets, campaigns can start as low as $30 a day, offering flexibility to adjust based on the campaign’s success and your business goals.

Using an agency like Qualiart for your Social Media Advertising ensures expert management of your campaigns from setup to optimisation. Agencies bring experience and insights that can significantly improve the effectiveness of your ads, enhance your brand’s online presence, and provide measurable results to ensure your advertising dollars are well-invested.

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