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Reach Your Customers Directly Online with an eCommerce Store

Are you looking to sell your products online? Our Team at Qualiart Marketing Agency in Brisbane offers tailored eCommerce Website Design Solutions to meet your specific needs. We analyse your business requirements and recommend the best options, including various add-on and bespoke modules to enhance your online store.

Tailored eCommerce Designs for Your Small Busiess Needs

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24/7 Conversions

Keep your business open and make sales around the clock.

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User-Friendly Design

Attractive and easy-to-navigate designs that encourage purchases.

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Payment Integration

Seamless integration with major payment gateways.

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Reliable Interfaces

Built on WordPress and WooCommerce for stability and flexibility.

Expert WordPress and Shopify eCommerce Development for Small Business

Our eCommerce development experts use top-tier solutions to ensure your data is secure. We utilise platforms like Shopify and WordPress, coupled with robust payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal. We also implement premium tracking to monitor and enhance your digital marketing performance.

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Coupons & Discounts

Easily create and manage promotions to drive sales.

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No inventory space? We design platforms that facilitate direct shipping from suppliers to customers.

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Payment Gateways

Enhance your sales with fast, secure, and versatile payment processing, including multi-currency options.

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Buy Now Pay Later

Increase sales with flexible payment options like Afterpay.

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Returns Management

Seamlessly handle returns with our integrated system, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Sales Conversion Strategies

From loyalty promotions to SEO and Social Media Marketing , we develop strategies to boost your sales.

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Cart Abandonment Solutions

Recover lost sales with email remarketing, pop-ups, and social media retargeting.

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Order & Inventory Management

Track and manage orders and inventory through a simple dashboard with full integration.

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Online Store Updates

Keep your store current with fast loading speeds, security scans, and technical support.

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Distribution Options

Simplify order fulfillment with multiple distribution options, including in-store pick-up and click-and-collect.

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Integrating into Other Stores

Expand your reach by syncing with popular marketplaces like eBay, Google Shop, and Amazon.

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Click and Collect

Reduce shipping costs and enhance customer experience by allowing local customers to pick up orders at their convenience.

Why Choose Qualiart for Your eCommerce Website Design?

At Qualiart Marketing Agency, we understand that a well-designed eCommerce Website is essential for small businesses, growing businesses, and mid-sized businesses in Brisbane and beyond. Our comprehensive Marketing Services, including Branding, Logo Design, and Social Media Management, ensure that your Online Store not only looks great but also performs excellently in attracting and retaining customers.

SEO-Friendly eCommerce Website Design

Our focus on SEO ensures that your eCommerce Website ranks highly in search engine results, making it easier for potential customers to find you. With our expertise, your website will attract local traffic, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive more sales.

Affordable and Effective Solutions

We offer cost-effective eCommerce Website Design Services that fit your budget. Whether you need a simple online store or a complex eCommerce Platform, our team provides solutions that deliver value and support your business growth.

Get Started with Qualiart Today!

Ready to take your business online? Contact Qualiart Creative & Marketing Agency in Brisbane for a consultation and let us help you create an eCommerce website that drives success.


Ecommerce Packages

Customisable & Budget-Friendly

We tailor our pricing based on the specific functionalities you need, ensuring each project is uniquely crafted to align with your budget.

Designed Specifically for Your Requirements and Financial Plan

The Packages listed below are merely examples of what we can achieve; we customise every Package to meet your individual requirements.




one-off service

Approx. 32 work hours at $60 per hour




one-off service

Approx. 46 work hours at $55 per hour




one-off service

Approx. 66 work hours at $50 per hour

Flexible Add-on Services

Customise your eCommerce package

Website Hosting and Domain Registration

Premium Theme and Plugins Covered

Content Creation (Copywriting)

Advanced Features

Digital Marketing Integration

Advanced Customisation (Coding)

Product Listing

On-Demand Support and maintenance

Custom eCommerce Package

Need a package which is greater than those outlined? Just looking for something bespoke? We offer custom packages in line with your unique needs.

Check Out Our Works

We pride ourselves on flexibility and ability to work with a wide range of clients.

Our Process

Research and discovery

The first step in building a successful eCommerce Website is conducting thorough market research. We delve into your business, competitors, and industry trends to gather essential insights. Understanding how users interact with your eCommerce pages helps us create a Website that meets your needs and exceeds customer expectations. We also compile detailed product information to perfect your site’s architecture.

Strategy and concept

With the insights from our research, we develop a strategic eCommerce Concept tailored to your business. Our high-fidelity Designs place all content and imagery into primary and secondary mockups, allowing you to visualise your Website. Each stage of the Design requires your approval, ensuring you are satisfied with the final product.


Once you approve the Designs, our skilled Web Designers begin developing your store using WordPress and Shopify. We focus on accurate and visually appealing product displays, maintaining a seamless user experience throughout the Site. Our Development Team ensures everything works smoothly on the back end so you can efficiently receive and fulfil orders. You will receive a fully functional prototype to explore your site in action.


Before your Site goes live, we conduct extensive quality assurance testing across multiple platforms to ensure everything functions correctly. Our testing phase includes feedback from Team Members and potentially third-party testers to verify that the site meets all specifications and works flawlessly.

Review and optimise

We understand that a Website requires continuous improvement to perform at its best. After your site goes live, we monitor user interactions to identify areas for optimisation. This ongoing review process ensures that every element of your site is fine-tuned for optimal performance and user satisfaction.

Going Live

Once we are confident that your Website is perfect and you are satisfied with the result, we will launch your Site and go live. Our Team ensures a smooth transition, so your online store is ready to engage customers and drive sales from day one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in a professional eCommerce Website ensures your business has a robust online presence. A well-designed Site can increase sales, improve customer engagement, and build brand credibility. It also allows you to reach a broader audience and operate 24/7, giving your business the potential to grow rapidly.

Starting an eCommerce business requires a product and a Website to showcase it. At Qualiart, we handle the technical aspects of developing your eCommerce Site, allowing you to focus on product development and customer engagement. We also offer Digital Marketing Services to help you promote your store effectively.

Both WordPress and Shopify are excellent choices for eCommerce Websites, but they serve different needs. WordPress with WooCommerce is a flexible, free plugin ideal for those who want extensive customization options. WooCommerce offers a free basic plan with paid add-ons for more features. On the other hand, Shopify is a dedicated eCommerce platform known for its user-friendly interface and integrated features. At Qualiart, we have the expertise to customise both platforms to meet your specific needs.

WordPress powers over 40% of all Websites on the internet, making it a highly reliable and popular choice. It allows us to create beautiful, customisable websites for clients of all sizes while enabling easy content management. WordPress is free, scalable, and SEO-friendly, making it an ideal solution for our clients’ digital needs. Its open-source nature ensures flexibility and adaptability, allowing for seamless future expansions.

A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to build and manage your Website without extensive coding. It enables you to update pages, add images, create blog posts, and more. Our eCommerce Sites typically use CMS Platforms like WordPress with WooCommerce for ease of use and flexibility.

To provide an accurate quote, we need to understand your goals for the website, the required functionalities, and existing content such as logos, branding artwork, and text. During our discovery phase, we will discuss your business objectives and how the website fits into your customer journey. This helps us recommend the best strategies to ensure your site drives conversions and achieves your goals.

The cost of eCommerce Website Design varies based on custom coding, content creation, and existing assets. Prices typically range from $2,000 to $12,000. At Qualiart, we work with you to find a solution that fits your budget while delivering high-quality, strategically designed websites.

Yes, our eCommerce Websites are designed to be responsive, ensuring they adapt to different screen sizes and devices. This flexibility is vital for providing a seamless user experience, whether your customers are browsing on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Responsive design also positively impacts your search engine rankings.

All our WordPress Websites are built using the Elementor Page Builder, allowing for custom design without relying on pre-made templates. This method offers flexibility and ease of future updates, ensuring your Website remains modern and functional.

To start, we need detailed information about your requirements, including:

  • Content: Whether you provide the content or we create it, having this upfront is crucial.
  • Images: High-quality photos or an idea of the type of images you want.
  • Other Materials: Logos, links, and any specific information you want included.

Your availability for regular communication is also important to ensure the project progresses smoothly.

Absolutely! We build our Websites on WordPress, known for its user-friendly interface. This means you can easily edit and update content as your business grows, without needing extensive technical knowledge.

Yes, we offer product inputting as a separate Paid Service, billed by the hour. Our Team can efficiently handle the addition of products to your eCommerce Site, ensuring everything is set up correctly.

Absolutely! We can guide you on how to write effective content and also offer copywriting services if needed. Providing industry-specific information and business insights is crucial for this part of the process. We also offer stock images and photography services to complement your content.

The development timeline for eCommerce Websites ranges from 2 to 6 months, depending on factors like complexity, collaboration, and feedback. At Qualiart, we use agile methods to accelerate the process while maintaining high-quality standards.

The two main causes of delays are:

  1. Absence of content: Content is crucial for any website. Delays in providing content can significantly postpone the project.
  2. Approval turnaround times: Quick approvals are essential to keep the project on schedule. Delays in reviewing and approving design steps can slow down the process. Streamlining approvals with a small decision-making team can help avoid this.

We have a comprehensive revision process to address any feedback and improve the site. If you’re still not satisfied, we offer a money-back guarantee. Terms and conditions apply.

Promoting your eCommerce store is essential in a competitive market. At Qualiart, we provide comprehensive Marketing Services, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Ads, Meta Ads, and Social Media Content Marketing. Our goal is to help your store stand out and attract more customers.

Yes, we offer ongoing support to ensure your Website remains optimised and up-to-date. We provide one-off or monthly support plans tailored to your needs, helping you maintain a high-performing Website.

Your Website should evolve with your business. Regular updates, including new photos, services, design elements, and functionalities, are crucial to staying competitive. Keeping up with digital trends ensures your website remains relevant and engaging.

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