Website Support & Maintenance Services

Ensuring peak performance with proactive Website Support and Maintenance

Keep Your Website Running Smoothly

We offer flexible and long-term Maintenance Options to ensure your Website continues to perform at its best.

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Support growth with regular optimisations

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Protect customer data with the latest security updates

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Ongoing maintenance for uninterrupted leads and sales

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Constant reporting and tracking of website performance

Reliable Support for Continuous Online Success

Our comprehensive Website Support and Maintenance Packages are designed to ensure your Website always performs at its best. With Qualiart, your online presence is in expert hands, allowing you to focus on growing your business while we take care of your Website.

Upgrade Your Online Presence

Do you already have a Website? Thinking about refreshing it? If you need a revamp or help making your current site perform better, we develop powerful, results-driven digital presences integrating with Social Media and Digital Marketing Campaigns.


Leave the Technical Side to Us

Managing a website is demanding. You must regularly update and maintain it to provide a secure, seamless, and consistent user experience. If you don't have the time or technical expertise to handle your Website’s backend, our Monthly Plans are ideal for you.

Our Professional Team keeps your Website running smoothly 24/7. We take care of all the technical aspects, allowing you to concentrate on what really matters: increasing sales and expanding your business.

Regular Website Support for Smooth Operations

Site Maintenance

Ensure your plugins are functioning and your site is backed up.


Focus on your priorities while we handle the technical tasks.

Security Updates

Safeguard your data from threats and breaches.

Technical Support

Quickly address and fix any issues or bugs.

Safeguard Your Customers and Data

Security breaches occur daily. Hackers are always looking to steal valuable information from vulnerable Websites. A single breach can damage your business for years, or even force you to close. To keep your data secure and retain customer trust, your Website needs robust protection.

Our Website Support and Maintenance Services ensure comprehensive security. We help you defend against online threats with regular updates and security plugins. Rest easy knowing your Website and data are protected.

Dynamic Website Scaling for Business Growth

As your business grows, so do your website needs. Our services adapt to meet the demands of your expanding customer base and increased digital traffic:


Dynamic Website Scaling for Business Growth

We'll collaborate with you to maintain your website, app, or software in top condition, ensuring that the content is current, versions are updated, and features are modern.

Maintaining Your Digital Edge

More than three-quarters of Google and Bing users never look beyond the first page. Hoorah ensures your business appears on the front page of Google & Bing, right where potential customers are searching for your products or services.

Optimised Online Marketing

If you're looking to reach a specific audience without resorting to traditional mail campaigns, we can collaborate to create and execute an online advertising strategy. This will promote your business on platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram.

Cloud Solutions for Modern Businesses

Do you possess a list of emails or mobile numbers? In today's world, maintaining contact with your customers is crucial. We offer scalable communication solutions for sales, marketing, and customer support that enhance your customer engagement and retention strategies. Discover a modern approach to attract, interact with, and keep your customers.



Customisable & Budget-Friendly

We tailor our pricing based on the specific functionalities you need, ensuring each project is uniquely crafted to align with your budget.

Designed Specifically for Your Requirements and Financial Plan

The Packages listed below are merely examples of what we can achieve; we customise every Package to meet your individual requirements.

1-Hour Support



per hour

6-Hour Support



per hour

10-Hour Support



per hour

Our Process

Initial Assessment and Setup

Our process begins with a thorough assessment of your current Website. We evaluate its performance, security measures, and any existing issues. Based on this assessment, we create a tailored support and maintenance plan to address your specific needs.

Regular Maintenance and Updates

We provide ongoing maintenance to ensure your website is always running at its best. This includes updating plugins, themes, and core software to protect against vulnerabilities. Regular updates also ensure your site stays compatible with the latest web technologies.

Security Monitoring and Protection

Security is a top priority. Our team continuously monitors your website for potential threats and vulnerabilities. We implement advanced security measures, including firewalls, malware scans, and regular backups, to safeguard your data and protect your site from cyberattacks.

Performance Optimisation

A fast, efficient website is crucial for user experience and SEO. We optimise your site’s performance by improving load times, streamlining code, and ensuring optimal server performance. This helps keep your visitors engaged and improves your search engine rankings.

Content Management and Updates

Keeping your content fresh and relevant is essential for attracting and retaining visitors. We assist with content updates, ensuring your website reflects the latest information about your business, products, and services. Our team can also help with graphic updates and content creation as needed.

Technical Support and Troubleshooting

Our expert team is always on hand to provide technical support and resolve any issues that may arise. Whether it’s fixing bugs, troubleshooting errors, or answering your questions, we ensure your website runs smoothly without any disruptions.

Regular Reporting and Analysis

We believe in transparency and communication. You will receive regular reports on your website’s performance, security status, and any maintenance activities we’ve carried out. This helps you stay informed about your site’s health and the value of our services.

Continuous Improvement and Recommendations

The digital landscape is always evolving, and so should your website. We continuously monitor industry trends and advancements to recommend improvements that keep your site competitive and aligned with best practices. Our goal is to help your website grow with your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Website maintenance is crucial for promoting your brand online. It ensures your site remains secure and provides a safe browsing experience for your audience. Regular maintenance helps prevent issues, improve performance, and keep your website up-to-date.

Once your site is live, keeping it updated is easy. You can either log in and make edits yourself or contact us, and we’ll handle the updates for you. Most plans include on-demand updates, so we’re ready to make changes whenever you need them.

Whilst all of our client benefits greatly from our Hosting, Support & Maintenance plans, if you would like to self-manage your website hosting & maintenance, you are more than welcome to.

If you chose to self-manage on an external website hosting provider and need us to perform the migration, a fee will be levied.

Please note if you are self-managing you will need to purchase your own relevant licences, perform your own backups and do regular updates to ensure your website continues to work seamlessly.

An emergency/urgent/high priority issue is one which renders either your website, email, campaign etc down or in operational. Such examples would be:

  • ‘My website is down’
  • ‘My email is down’
  • ‘I can receive but not send emails’
  • ‘My Adwords campaigns doesn’t appear to be running’
If you’re request is only urgent due to leaving it to the last minute or urgent changes have popped up as a result of an opportunity, we’ll do our best to squeeze this in as quickly as possible, but genuine ’emergencies’ will take priority. You may also incur a ‘fast turnaround fee’ if our team needs to ‘bump’ work which has been lodged in the production schedule prior, or if we have to work afterhours/weekends/public holidays to get it done for you. We’ll let you know in advance what/if any fees will be charged.

We charge nothing for the first 15 minutes provided this is not a regular occurrence, and thereafter in 15 minute increments at an hourily rate. We will charge an ‘investigation fee’ should the need to look into an issue arise. After this time we will give you our verdict of how to resolve the issue.

If the issue is a result of something that’s our fault, no charges will be incurred.

We are offering a monthly service arrangement for businesses that require website maintenance.
It is highly flexible and is based on the size of website and scope of work that is required.
Regular updates: it is important a professional completes this for you to ensure it is done correctly. These include WordPress and plugin updates.
Website update: upload or modifications to content, images, videos, layout modifications and new features.
Website security: important to prevent hacking.
Speed optimisation: ensure your website loading time is not too slow. 50% of visitors will leave the page if it takes more than 5 second to load.
Regular backup: daily, weekly and monthly backups are key for your website.
Website maintenance can take anywhere from a few minutes to across a whole month. It is important you have someone to monitor it regularly and fix any problems ASAP.
If you are using Qualiart Agency for your Website Hosting, Maintenance and Support, you can pay via monthly invoice or get set up for a monthly deduction that will come out of your chosen bank account or credit.

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