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Maintenance Services

Stay online and continue to perform

We offer flexible and long term maintenance options to ensure your website continues to perform

Support continued growth with regular optimisation


Protect valuable customer data with the latest security updates


Ongoing maintenance for uninterrupted leads and sales


Constant reporting and tracking of website performance

Have a website already? Have you been thinking about upgrading your online presence? Need a website refresh?

If you need a revamp or help with your current website to perform better. We develop poweful, resultis drivem digital presences integrating with social media and digital marketing campaigns.

Let us look after the technical side

Running a website is hard work. You need to constantly maintain your site and stay on top of updates if you want to deliver a secure, seamless, and consistent experience for your users.. If you lack the time or technical resources to maintain your website’s backend, our monthly plans are perfect for you.

Our expert team ensures your website runs smoothly around the clock. We keep up with all the technical elements of maintaining a site, so you can turn your attention to what truly matters: making more sales and growing your business.

Ensure your site runs smoothly with regular website support

Site maintenance

Keep your plugins working and your site backed up

Save time

Focus on what’s important & let us do the heavy lifting

Security updates

Protect your data against threats and breaches

Technical assistance

Resolve any problems or bugs quickly

Protect your customers and your data

Security breaches happen every single day. The world is filled with hackers trying to steal valuable information and data from vulnerable sites. One breach can hurt your business for years to come or, worse yet, put you out of business. Your website needs to be protected against these threats if you want to keep your data safe, and maintain the trust of your customers.

Our website support and website maintenance services leave nothing to chance. We put you in the best position to fend off online security threats to your business, with regular site updates and security plugins. Rest assured — your website and data are in safe hands.

Scale and adapt to the changing landscape

Your website should grow with your business. As you acquire more traffic to your website and more customers, your technical needs also become greater and more complex. You need to constantly adapt your website to ensure it has the capabilities and bandwidth to serve this rising demand.

We keep an eye on your business’ performance and needs, and adjust your website to suit. From regular website updates, uploads and edits to new plugins, plans or additional domains, we keep everything in check for you. All you need to do is focus on your customers and your growth.

Lightning Fast Website Hosting

We proudly offer SiteGround Hosting, placing our clients at the cutting edge of hosted WordPress technology. The only solution for professional businesses wanting to experience the very best in hosting performance and reliability. For smaller business, we also offer business-grade shared hosting, ideally suited to small brochure websites.

SiteGround runs CentOS, Apache, MySQL, PHP and WHM/cPanel on its servers. The company has developed software solutions for account isolation, monitoring and reaction, and speed-optimization, sold under the 1H brand and used by other Linux hosting companies. SiteGround uses lightning fast SSD (Solid State Drives) to store data.

We recommend a SiteGround plan. It’s not terribly expensive, but one place you should never cut costs is on hosting.

Keep your business going, up to-date and fresh

We will work with you to help keep your website, app or software ship shape, ensuring that the content is fresh, versions are up to-date and features are new.

Content & Graphic Curation

Over 75% of visitors to Google and Bing never scroll past the first page. Hoorah gets your business to the front page of Google & Bing, where consumers are searching for your products or services.

Feature & Version

Want to target a specific customer base and don’t feel like doing a letter drop we will work with you to develop and run an Online Advertising campaign to advertise your business in Google, Bing and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Cloud-Based Email & Office Suite

Do you have an email or mobile number list? Connecting with customers is more important than ever. We can help with scalable messaging for sales, marketing, and support. A new and better way to acquire, engage and retain customers.


Unique & Affordable. Choose the plan that suits your business.

From small business to large eCommerce stores we have covered everything.

We’re here to help. We take the time to understand your needs and concerns and will never gamble with your trust – or with our reputation. If we believe we can help you, we will. If we can’t, we’ll tell you. We are honest, open and will always offer our best advice.

You will have access to an online spreadsheet where completed work will be recorded, so you can keep track of hours remaining.

Our packages are based on functionality. With each project being custom made, we customise the pricing to fit into your budget.

Tailor-Made Solutions for Your Needs and Budget

Below packages are examples of what can be achieved, but all packages are customised to your needs.

1-Hour Support



per hour

6-Hour Support



per hour

10-Hour Support



per hour

Frequently Asked Questions

Website maintenance helps promote your brand online. It provides the audience a secure and safe environment while browsing your website.

Once your site is published, we make it easy to keep it updated. You can either log in to your account and make edits on your own or give us a call and we’ll do it for you.

Most plans include on-demand updates and we’re happy to make changes for you whenever inspiration strikes.

Whilst all of our client benefits greatly from our Hosting, Support & Maintenance plans, if you would like to self-manage your website hosting & maintenance, you are more than welcome to.

If you chose to self-manage on an external website hosting provider and need us to perform the migration, a fee will be levied.

Please note if you are self-managing you will need to purchase your own relevant licences, perform your own backups and do regular updates to ensure your website continues to work seamlessly.

An emergency/urgent/high priority issue is one which renders either your website, email, campaign etc down or in operational. Such examples would be:

  • ‘My website is down’
  • ‘My email is down’
  • ‘I can receive but not send emails’
  • ‘My Adwords campaigns doesn’t appear to be running’
If you’re request is only urgent due to leaving it to the last minute or urgent changes have popped up as a result of an opportunity, we’ll do our best to squeeze this in as quickly as possible, but genuine ’emergencies’ will take priority. You may also incur a ‘fast turnaround fee’ if our team needs to ‘bump’ work which has been lodged in the production schedule prior, or if we have to work afterhours/weekends/public holidays to get it done for you. We’ll let you know in advance what/if any fees will be charged.

We charge nothing for the first 15 minutes provided this is not a regular occurrence, and thereafter in 15 minute increments at an hourily rate. We will charge an ‘investigation fee’ should the need to look into an issue arise. After this time we will give you our verdict of how to resolve the issue.

If the issue is a result of something that’s our fault, no charges will be incurred.

We are offering a monthly service arrangement for businesses that require website maintenance.
It is highly flexible and is based on the size of website and scope of work that is required.
Regular updates: it is important a professional completes this for you to ensure it is done correctly. These include WordPress and plugin updates.
Website update: upload or modifications to content, images, videos, layout modifications and new features.
Website security: important to prevent hacking.
Speed optimisation: ensure your website loading time is not too slow. 50% of visitors will leave the page if it takes more than 5 second to load.
Regular backup: daily, weekly and monthly backups are key for your website.
Website maintenance can take anywhere from a few minutes to across a whole month. It is important you have someone to monitor it regularly and fix any problems ASAP.
If you are using Qualiart Agency for your Website Hosting, Maintenance and Support, you can pay via monthly invoice or get set up for a monthly deduction that will come out of your chosen bank account or credit.

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